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About You

Does this sound like you?

Your strengths

You are a visionary leader who naturally sees the big picture. You are passionate about your cause. You are courageous enough to voice an unpopular opinion when it really counts. You possess the rare combination of technical expertise and an open mind. You are action-oriented.

What gets in your way

You might hold back for fear of the unknown. It is difficult to paint a clear vision of your career beyond your current role. At times you are overly collaborative in your approach, at the cost of progress. You avoid saying “no” even if it means you must take on work out of scope.

Potential dark side to your strengths

You can dream so big that others can’t connect with the possibilities you see. In the heat of the moment your passion may spill out in a way that harms your relationships. You tend to take on too much, risking burnout. You often suffer from analysis paralysis.

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