From Overwhelm to Real Results

This coaching program is designed for leaders who are ready and committed to put in the work to realize their vision of a meaningful career


You are just four steps away from feeling being unstoppable in reaching your ultimate goal

Step 1 – Reconnect with Your Vision

Let’s get clear on what you ultimately want to accomplish and why. Perhaps you want to make a big change happen at work that will benefit the business and the people in the organization. Along with clarifying your goal, you will learn how to internalize the vision of what you’re striving for and how you want to contribute. The results? Sustained motivation to make the necessary changes that will end the day-to-day overwhelm which has been getting in your way.


Step 2 – Review Where You Spend Your Time and Energy

We explore your current situation and all the demands on your time and energy that are taking you away from making your vision a reality. Perhaps you find that your days are full of activity that seems important but none of it is actually aligned with your ultimate goal. Together, we will re-evaluate what’s on your to-do list and identify areas of opportunity to shift some of those commitments. The result? You have real options to freeing up more bandwidth for work that is meaningful and fulfilling.

Step 3 – Reclaim Your Focus

It is time to put intention into action. You will follow through and let go of demands that are not serving your vision so that you can make real progress. Together we will identify how you can reduce the number of meetings you attend and introduce ways to set firmer boundaries around your time. You will build the courage and skills required to navigate tough conversations. The result? You will be more focused and intentional with how and where you invest your energy.

Step 4 – Reinforce Your New Mindset and Approach

Now that you are more in control and fulfilled knowing you’re doing the right, most important things each day, we will develop strategies tailored to you that reinforce your new mindset and approach. It may be a set of criteria for taking on a new commitment, an individual strategic plan to stay on track towards your vision, or a system to build reflection time into your days. This step cements your learning and equips you for ongoing success in realizing your vision of meaningful and fulfilling work

What's Included: 

  • 10 private coaching sessions (45 minutes) with an ICF-certified coach and seasoned leadership development practitioner

  • Optional - one customized assessment tool to help guide you towards your goal (e.g. MBTI, Lumina Spark or Lumina Leader)

  • Helpful tools to help you reap maximum benefits from the coaching program

  • Unlimited access to your coach via email for the duration of the program

  • Two mini coaching phone calls (up to 30 minutes), should you need occasional quick support (e.g. when facing a challenging situation)



This private coaching program typically runs for 5-6 months with biweekly coaching sessions. Duration can also be customized to accommodate unique circumstances by adjusting the frequency of sessions. 

Take action and move towards real results!


This is an exclusive program with only three enrollments at any given time. Good news! Space is currently available. Don't put off your own goals any longer. Apply today.