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One-on-One Coaching

This coaching program is designed for leaders who are ready and committed to put in the work to transform how they lead themselves and others

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Your work has a direct impact on people in need, the strength of communities or the natural environment. You are a high performer who is passionate about your cause.


You are facing a new level of challenge at the moment. You’re used to delivering on ambitious strategies, to managing through complexity. But this time, the goals seem next to impossible. You’ve tried your usual approaches. You’ve tried something new. Still, progress is painful and at this rate failure is a real possibility.


I can help you take a deep and honest look at how you’re leading so that you can uncover what is no longer working and develop new leadership skills that will propel you forward.

Typical options for one-on-one coaching services: 

  • Single intensive: one 3-hr session

  • Focused development: 3-4 months with bi-weekly sessions

  • Transformative development: 5-6 months with bi-weekly sessions

Customized coaching packages and session schedules also available to match your unique needs​

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