Accelerate Your Leadership Growth

Ready for something more? This coaching program is designed for leaders who are committed to realize their vision of success


You are just four steps away from going up from Manager to Director...

Step 1 – Dig Deep

(1 session)

Dig into what fuels you as a leader, your own set of intrinsic motivators and core values. Perhaps you started on this path because you want to make a lasting impact on the business, or perhaps making your department a great place to work is your main motivator. We connect this with your vision for your leadership career.

The result: you have unshakable clarity of your wants and needs in designing a career that keeps your interest and challenges you in the right way.


Step 2 – Develop an Informed Plan

(2 sessions + assessment)

Define your unique approach to leadership, your key strengths and areas for development so that you know exactly how to get from here to director. We do this with the help of proven psychometric assessments to provide you with new data and insights about yourself. A robust tailored-to-you development plan will guide you in sharpening your skills to director-ready levels.

The result: you’ll see your leadership potential is a whole new light and you will know exactly what skills to focus on to reach your goals.

Step 3 – Work the Plan

(6 sessions)

Invest time and energy in completing the development goals you set out for yourself in Step 2 AND in boosting the leadership strengths you already possess. Perhaps you need to get better at setting your boundaries so you can free up time for daily reflection, a key ingredient for strategic leadership required of directors. Through practical, hands-on learning you will quickly grow your skills while also gaining important experience that you can later bring into job interviews. Also, by tapping into and proactively leveraging your strengths in day-to-day work, your confidence improves. This in turn allows you to recognize and step up in more situations where you can showcase your leadership potential.

The result: you master critical leadership skills and demonstrate your readiness for the director level.

Step 4 – Reinforce Key Learning

(1 session)

We close the program by reinforcing all of your learning from the previous steps. We take time to celebrate your key milestones and help you find examples of your people-focused leadership in action that you can use for director-level interviews in the (near) future.

The result: you feel supported long after you complete the coaching program.

What's Included: 

  • 10 private coaching sessions (45 minutes) with an ICF-certified coach and seasoned leadership development practitioner

  • One individual psychometric assessment to help guide your leadership development (e.g. MBTI, Lumina Spark or Lumina Leader)

  • Helpful tools to help you reap maximum benefits from the coaching program

  • Unlimited access to your coach via email for the duration of the program

  • Two mini coaching phone calls (up to 30 minutes) when you need support quickly (e.g. when facing a challenging situation)


​The program fee is $3,995. This private coaching program typically runs for 9 months but may be accelerated to accommodate particular circumstances. 

This is an exclusive program with only three enrollments at any given time. Good news! Space is still available. Don't put off your own learning and growth any longer. Apply today.